Music City Works Education Corporation

Founded in 2013 Music City Works Education Corporation is a 501 C3 with the objective to track, document local, state, and federal resources that align with financial stability, housing and life skills development programing

MCWEC services include a database to include local, state, and federal resources, for intake, tracking, and addressing issues through matriculation of participant’s progress as well as support services in the area of Case management and Mentoring as an effort to increase applicant’s success rates in current programs.


Database :

The Intake & Diversion Program is a call center (data collection) devoted to directing those who are currently impoverished, unemployed, low skilled or a veteran from further dissention into poverty by analytical intake phone evaluation.

Case Management :

Music City Works “Success Ladder Program” (the intake process) implements a pathway that aligns and bridges training, education, and supportive services with local, State, and federal level partners to move applicants successfully through existing programs that target areas of financial literacy and Housing via case management.

Buddy Program :

MCWEC will provide a continuous extensive training course for volunteer to work as buddies.  Our “Buddy” mentors will work closely with applicants being the eyes and ears for case managers to quickly respond to current needs in an effort to prevent isolation by providing emotional and practical supports through regular scheduled visits calls, and outings. The data collected breaks down eligibility requirements, available and current resources, as well as individual programs.   Case managers facilitate the intake process (once eligibility is determined) and the goals of the applicant as well as identify the available resources.

Music City Works Education Corporation is all in one data collection and intake services necessary in the world of nonprofits because it currently does not exist.  Where there are such databases internally within large organizations, the information is rarely if not ever shared with other organizations in regard to program qualifications and tracking of progress for applicants.   In addition, applicants in many cases are unaware of many program, lack the resources or skill to enroll, and often do not complete programs when they do apply it is the mission of MCWEC to change this reality.

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